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Our company offers our customers the best-detailed following of all major sports events, their participants and the places they are located in. We keep our readers constantly updated.

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As a company, we offer services that include providing valuable advice for athletes to enhance their training routines and improve their performance. We lead readers to get in top shape.

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We share all the best information to keep readers updated regarding the performance of all important sports clubs. Our company follows the clubs’ comings and goings to inform our readers.

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At Sherbrooke 2013, we share our passion for sports and athletics with all our readers, keeping them updated and informed on all things related to sports. Our content will always include every detail about the clubs, their matches, and events.

With the coverage for sports and athletics on the rise, tools like the internet and satellite TV have become very valuable for fans worldwide. Sports Clubs have the opportunity to make better sponsorship deals, based on the increased reach of their popularity.

Millions of fans fuel the huge industry surrounding sports and athletics, which in turn results in billions of dollars being siphoned in to keep it running.

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With the coverage of sports and athletic events on the rise, brands see benefits in sponsoring clubs and individual athletes.


This international company invests hundreds of millions of dollars a year not just in creating the best equipment for athletes, but also sponsoring them and sports events they participate in.


This giant has been sponsoring major sports events for decades and has fueled the sports industry with billions of dollars in the process. By sponsoring events, they enhance their features.


Well-known for targeting athletes and sports events, Nike has invested in sponsorships for athletes as well as sports clubs. They boost athletes’ earnings, making sports more profitable.

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