About Us

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We are a group of sports fans, passionate about everything related to the world of sports. And as such, we wish to spread the knowledge even further, to millions of readers all over the world.

This idea is embedded deep in the core of our company and fuels our drive to maintain our magazine updated each day.

We have worked hard on perfecting our writing skills and acquire new tools every day to make this possible. Our goals and aspirations are set into constantly broadening our reader base, adding more and more content including all topics we have yet to deal with.

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We thrive on the valuable feedback we receive from our loyal readers and grow with the suggestions received through our means of direct contact.

There’s no suggestion we will not consider, as long as it helps us keep our focus on the passion for sports that brings the world together. Our readers are the blood that flows through our company’s veins.Sherbrooke 2013 looks to establish itself as a top-class sports magazine, thus making our points of view more reputable. The accuracy and veracity of our content is our most trustworthy tool, to achieve this purpose every single day.