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We are in love with what we do for our readers everywhere in the world and wish to keep our endeavours available for free.

We understand that quality magazines like ours are an important alternative for many people that wouldn’t be able to afford a subscription or buying any physical magazines.

With this in mind, we encourage those who read us and have the means to make any donation they wish. It’s not hard and it doesn’t have to be a fixed amount, nor for an extended period.

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We have made it very easy for anybody interested to donate to our magazine, invest in keeping our content readily available and free for everybody.

Some other sites have fixed amounts or just one way to donate. With us, you will find that there are no such restrictions. We have designed our donation gathering system to fit everybody and offer as little inconveniences possible.

Making your life harder while you are only trying to contribute to help others, isn’t goal.

If you are considering making a donation, all it takes is going to our Contact Us page to get our direct means of contact. Once you express your wish to contribute, our team will guide you through the easy steps and make sure everything is done transparently. Your investment will be appreciated and put to good use always and kept entirely anonymous.